Nov. 13, 2016

The Adventure Begins, Part 11 of 13

We collided into one vision; one dream.

The more our clients used our vendor partners, the more familiar the partners became with our policies and procedures. It became easier to execute events from a vendor standpoint because, as a venue, all other hired vendors would be coming to our property. That’s somewhere between eight to ten other businesses trying to navigate working in our space. Because the venue is the “hub” of the wedding day, we had to make sure the traffic created by all vendor professionals worked together seamlessly.

We witnessed the vendor partnership concept take root the day we made it available to brides. Vendors were happy because they had new business they might not have had otherwise. Brides were happy because they didn’t have to maneuver through the vendor selection process unless they wanted to.

A few weeks after vendor partnership agreements were signed in 2012, it struck us just how confusing it is for brides to know which vendors are the best in a community. And many times, the problem isn’t that the bride needs to know who’s the best, sometimes they don’t know where to start because they don’t know any vendors at all.

What we found were websites that list vendors who have paid fees to appear on their lists. We tested our venue, Tuscan Hill, to see if that was true, and for every website we checked, there was a fee to be listed. Because the vendors have to pay a fee to appear on these sites, the number of vendors who actually sign up is very limited, and so the sites never account for all the vendors in a city.

As we studied this problem, we noticed something unexpected happening--we found we were falling deeper in love with space and taste. And not just hotels and restaurants we’ve come to appreciate through our travels, but all venue spaces and all catering companies we were studying as well. It was space and taste on a whole new playing field.

A metamorphosis was occurring. Our hearts and minds couldn’t help but be drawn, wholeheartedly and without reservation, into something completely unknown, yet brilliant.

We collided into one vision; one dream.

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