June 12, 2017

Rose Colored Glasses

I clung to the air that your leaving made.

I held onto it as long as I could but, as you know,

the air always finds a way to dissipate.

And you were gone, but you weren't gone.

Even though there was no more breeze from your movement,

I continued to repeat the things you'd said.

Not all of them,

just the ones that made me think I should stay.

Here's a secret:

(It's my greatest downfall, forever, and ever. Over, and over, and over.)

I only remember the best.

I see no faults,

No mistakes,

No pain.

And I liberally embellish my memories with these ideas,

until I simply cannot remember why I sent anyone away in the first place.

I know I should remember.

I'll keep trying to look past everything beautiful about you,

and I'll try to remember.

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Posted in: Our Adventures

Tagged: Poetry

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