Jan. 2, 2017

The Vision I Can't Unsee

If you’ve read Meredith’s 13-part Journey, you’ve no doubt picked up on some of our life adventures. However, it’s imperative I write about the journey from my perspective as well. But, where to start?

Present moment? Okay. It’s 12/30/16 as I’m writing this, and now 1/1/17 as I’m posting. I’m "loaded for BEAR!" I must be frank. I am beyond ready to move FROM the physical and financial responsibilities of owning and managing a very large property we’ve named Tuscan Hill TO managing the design, build, and implementation of an internet business we’ve been developing conceptually for four years (and for which Vibrant Space is the prequel).  Beyond ready!

He hides things for us, not from us.

You see, I believe God put it in my heart 30 years ago to own and operate a reception venue someday, but it wasn’t until 2006 that I was in a position to do so. I started praying more fervently about the grit and risk and intense work it would take to bring a seed of an idea to a viable, profitable business.  After three years of searching for the right property, I found the right one in 2009. To summarize the last 7 years, we did well. Three years into doing business, I believe God then led me to an absolutely genius vision for hospitality on a much more massive scale. We’ve done both--hosting weddings and receptions since 2009 AND developing this new business concept since 2012.

I began to feel a shift in my heart and mind in 2014. I had finally been able to do this thing that was burning inside of me for 30 years. I was completely satisfied. Space is my thing; it always has been, and likely always will be. Hosting events is also a love interest that will likely never leave me, but the desire to do so on the large scale at a physical venue location is satisfied. I didn’t see it coming, but hosting events led me to the new thing, the new adventure, the new territory to conquer, the next desire and dream.

I picked up a partner on the way. Unaware of what the future would hold, my daughter, Meredith, came alongside, learning the business as well, and by the time we were hammering out the conceptual details of the new business model, she was right there, completely interested, on it, bringing her own experience, education, talent, skills, gifts and ideas to the table!

The one beautiful 30-year vision was waiting for me, but then, that vision ushered us both to a new vision that will allow us to more fully enjoy and expand space, taste, events and hospitality on a scale we’ve not known. How good is that? How good is He?

My other partner is and always has been God. I believe in God. I trust Him. He gets me. He has my back. I want what He wants, so He wants what I want. And I think He trusts me. He has put this new vision inside of me that I cannot unsee. I want to press fully into that vision. I can’t shove it aside. It can’t be tamped down or walked away from. In fact, I would be absolutely crazy to walk away from such a genius vision. I believe He hides things for us, not from us. The one beautiful 30-year vision was waiting for me, but then, ushered us both to a new vision that will allow us to more fully enjoy and expand space, taste, events and hospitality on a scale we’ve not known. How good is that? How good is He?

For four years, I have worked on the new vision every chance I could find. If you’re reading this, you know that we launched the prelude, Vibrant Space, on 11/18/16. I’m so thankful. So excited. But, it’s simply not enough. I need to begin writing. I believe God has told me that every step I take on the new ground, He will give me. I believe He’s also told me that as soon as I decide to simply rest, trust, and to press into the new internet real estate, the right next person will come for the large physical real estate.

I have a difficult time knowing when my responsibility ends and His begins. I vacillate between: Believing Him and trusting Him to take care of the old/past and; Thinking that I can’t really place both feet on the new territory and do the new thing, until the old has been carefully and considerately placed in someone else’s care (and of course that will require my help). I believe He is saying:

“Tell me what your heart’s desire is for the businesses you’ve stewarded (yes, there are two in fact--Tuscan Hill since 2009 and an unrelated business since 1997) and let me take care of it. I will take great care with what we’ve created together. I understand legacy. You can trust me. I’ve got this. Seriously; GO DO THE NEW THING. You have been super responsible. You have done everything you’re supposed to do. Now do what you want to do.” 

What? Who says that? Do you really mean it God? So much (at least in my mind) seems to be at stake. Knowing I need to move forward with the new, I had to start winding down the wedding and reception business. How do you do that when brides book sometimes 18 months in advance? You attempt to sell your book of business and simultaneously you pull back on booking events further out than 12 months, then 10 months, then 8 months, and so on. When you pull back, you still have much of the same expenses, but without revenue to match.

We watched an old movie tonight that set me on fire to run as fast as I can toward this vision I can’t unsee.

As you may have read in Meredith’s journey, I would be happy in a one-bedroom apartment, so my purchase of this lovely property was solely for the 30-year vision. If I’m moving forward to the next vision, the property needs to be in the hands of someone who will continue the legacy or build his/her own legacy with the added advantage that God’s presence is here and will remain. On Earth as it is in Heaven is what we believe, so we are continually believing that God’s goodness, generosity, peace, rest and presence is covering the entire 12.28 acres! So utterly fitting to finally be writing my first blog post during the holidays. He truly is Emmanuel (“God with us”).

We watched an old movie tonight that set me on fire to run as fast as I can toward this vision I can’t unsee. I have a new plan for tomorrow – do what you would do on the other side of the breakthrough.  In other words, if God means what He says and if I know I can trust Him, then it’s a done deal, even if I can’t see the breakthrough in the physical, natural realm . . . yet.

Truth trumps facts. The facts are what they are and we don’t deny facts. But He has given me plenty of evidence in 5 decades that the truth is that He is only good. That He wants us to get to where He wants us to go more than we do. So, assuming He’s taking care of the old, what is the very next thing I would do after accepting His kind offer? Whatever the answer is--DO THAT! Brilliant!

What would I do on the flipside of the breakthrough? Obviously cease worrying. Say NO to fear. Trust completely. Stay thankful. Take better care of myself. Prepare to be amazed. Be even more thankful. Give out of what I’ve been given. Start doing what I WANT to do. Start writing. Start sharing the story so that we can all be in amazement at the same time. Stop saving it. Go, go, go, and do not look back.





Footnotes: “We” are still waiting for the next person for this amazing property, whether that be for a residential owner, a residential/business owner, or a ministry. Our last major event was 5/14/16. You can learn more about our search by reading these references:

Watch the video of our search here.

Read the post on Tuscan Hill's website here.

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