Nov. 29, 2016

LondonHouse Chicago

At the end of the hustle and bustle of the day, the sun appears to set right on top of the river. At dusk, something magical happens--the lights of the city and its many bridges twinkle, spreading warmth and cheer.

With one of the most exclusive rooftops in the city and a name that draws curious visitors, LondonHouse Chicago wins in every way in terms of “vibrant space.”

LondonHouse Chicago, a luxury riverfront hotel, is accomplishing something that’s extremely hard to do. It’s a large hotel that has curated a completely boutique feel. Finished this past Spring, 2016, every single detail continues a pattern that exudes chic and cozy. The lobby carries calming hues of white, gray, blues and greens while brass chandeliers, side tables, and art installations, round out the entire space with complementary elements of cool and warm. Furniture is thoughtfully arranged across the floor, inviting guests to try every seat (especially these two guests). Each piece is a little different. Whether it be fabric, size, shape, pillow patterns or arrangement, yet the flow is never broken.

The massive floor-to-ceiling windows in the lobby give way to one of the most spectacular views in Chicago. The hotel is situated at the corner of Wacker Drive and Michigan Avenue, which is also where the Chicago River takes a little twist south and then west again. The hotel is perfectly positioned to offer guests enjoying the second floor lobby both a parallel and head-on view of the river stretched out before it. At the end of the hustle and bustle of the day, the sun appears to set right on top of the river. At dusk, something magical happens--the lights of the city and its many bridges twinkle, spreading warmth and cheer. 

Venturing past the lobby and over to the elevators, you’re met with a futuristic kind of ride. Instead of pressing an “up” button, you press your floor number and a screen directs you to one of many lettered elevator doors.

The chic decor of the lobby extends to the guest room floors, with lighting and rich colors that follow the pattern from below. As you walk to your room, take a nice deep breath. You’ve probably noticed by now how good the hotel smells. Not perfumy, just a soft sweetness, almost like a bouquet of flowers hidden everywhere you walk.

Once you get to your room, take it all in. Natural light from the window fills the room, reflecting onto a rich wooden armoire, and a large, comfy-looking bed. A unique privacy is offered by a beautifully frosted glass bathroom door. Put down your suitcase, but don't get too cozy yet. There's more to explore. Grab your double-shot of espresso from your room's Nespresso machine and let's head to the roof!

The rooftop with the outdoor terrace is called Level 22 and it gets busy every single night, so here’s my suggestion: arrive around 4:45 pm, right before most people get off work, and secure your spot. Try the “Roaring Twenties,” a champagne cocktail, while you watch the sunset and soak in the refreshing pairing of jasmine and strawberry. Or, if you’re looking for a cold-weather cocktail, try the “Upland Hunting.” The intensity and warmth of the scotch is balanced by the apricot, tonic and white wine, with the last bit of “bite” coming from edible charcoal.

When you’re ready for dinner, you can stay on the terrace, or go down to Level 21, where another gorgeous space awaits. A long bar with gold-and-teal-studded designs welcomes guests, while tables sit prepared for dinner. Couches are grouped to create quiet nooks for those looking to have intimate conversations.

The dinner menu is ever-changing with the season. There are salads, soups, sandwiches, entrees, vegetable sides, and bar snacks. The current menu is a very nice ode to winter, with items like:

If you’re looking for something more intimate than the couches on Level 21, there are four private dining spaces available. For that once-in-a-lifetime, most significant occasion, ask about the Cupola, Level 23, available for private parties of 10 or fewer.

There are also 10 flexible, private meeting spaces and ballrooms for larger events that can accommodate up to 350 people. The options for your event are endless. The largest space--the Juliette Grand Ballroom--has floor-to-ceiling windows just like the lobby area, only one floor higher, giving the same grand view for your own private event.  

After an evening of enjoying the dining options available at LondonHouse--and after the most comfortable sleep of your life--head back up to Level 21 for a delicious coffee and a wonderful made-to-order breakfast. With morning daylight pouring through the windows of the two story space of Level 21, you can fully appreciate the array of color and decor. With three different dining areas, you’re able to continue having all the private conversation you want, with all the coffee and muffins you need to start another day in one of the most beautiful hotels in one of the most beautiful cities on earth.

At LondonHouse Chicago, the motto is “It starts here.” Even if your Chicago lodging has you staying somewhere else, treat yourself to a visit to this beautiful hotel, its restaurants and rooftops. Because it should start here. Cheers!

Event Capacity

Ambia Dining Room: 100

Antoine Meeting Room: 38

Dearborn Meeting Room: 75

Etoile Private Dining Room: 131

Guillory Meeting Room: 137

Henry Meeting Room: 67

Jean-Baptiste Meeting Room: 59

Juilette Grand Ballroom: 270

Private Dining Room A: 30

Private Dining Room B: 20

Ronan Meeting Room: 56

Tecumseh Meeting Room: 62

Tracy Meeting Room: 28

Wells Boardroom: 52

Whistler Ballroom: 160

Want to learn even more about what LondonHouse Chicago has to offer? Go visit them.

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