Aug. 7, 2017

The Talbott Hotel, Chicago

Lively scenes take place on either side of the walkway of crisp, beautiful black and white stone tiles. To the right, a sitting area with couches and Persian rugs creates a snug corner. And beyond that, a room of rich wood and plush armchairs surrounds a warm fireplace.

Through the front doors of The Talbott Hotel, the newly renovated space begins to speak for itself. The Talbott, located in the heart of Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood at 20 East Delaware Place, is a Joie de Vivre property. As the French phrase suggests, this property exudes an exhilarating enjoyment of life. Top to bottom, this space is absolutely beautiful, clean and fresh.

Lively scenes take place on either side of the walkway of crisp, beautiful black and white stone tiles. To the right, a sitting area with couches and Persian rugs creates a snug corner. And beyond that, a room of rich wood and plush armchairs surrounds a warm fireplace. To the left is the restaurant and bar--20 East. Tables with more plush armchairs and cozy divans create a dining area that’s more the style of a lounge and completely inviting, with warm lights and a sleek bar.

Following the black and white stone entryway leads you to the front desk around the corner from the concierge. Friendly, professional staff will take care of you and one of two polished, gold elevators will take you to your floor.

Head to your room and get ready to freefall into your luxurious king-size bed. Gray carpeting hugs the room’s white furnishings with soft cream undertones. While the bedding, lamp shades and curtains are the purest of white, the headboards and entertainment hutch are cream-colored. But, the defining factor among all this purity is the warmth brought in by the perfect, most unsuspecting pattern.

Velvety-soft, rich brown chairs are found in most of the rooms. Along with these, Aztec-designed pillows of the same rich brown as the chairs and with hints of teal and blush decorate the beds, adding a warm and simple touch to the decor. These rays of heat perfectly juxtapose with the cool palette of colors from the rest of the room in a pure, clean marriage of homey and comfortable. The bathroom continues the white theme, complemented by its gray floor and gray stone sinks 

Back downstairs, and out the doors, head to some of the best shopping in the country, in one of the coolest and chicest areas of Chicago. Afterwards, you must try 20 East for some wind-down time in its perfectly calming and stylish color palette. Deep brown and black leather chairs surround polished wood tables and dark tan divans with soft luxurious fabric, topped with velvet. Have you ever tried out your hotel restaurant and found yourself searching for another place, anywhere other than your own hotel, for all your next meals? At 20 East in The Talbott, you will have a hard time justifying ever leaving. With their inventive flavors and presentation, you will love every dish, every meal, every time, no fail!

An excellent selection of “Boards” starts off the menu with items like the “Delice de Bourgogne Cheese,” served with strawberry preserves, fine herbs and warm baguette; the “Smoked Salmon” served classic-style with capers, cucumbers, pickled red onions, whipped cream cheese and Texas toast; and the “Burrata,” which is perfection served with fresh tomatoes, garlic bread, extra virgin olive oil (tip: dip excessively) and basil.

In the salad section, I recommend the “Lightly Dressed Greens” because it’s simple with fine herbs and lemon vinaigrette, or the “Chopped Cobb” made with bacon, roasted chicken, tomato, avocado, bleu cheese and egg, adorned with delicious fresh dill.The “Turkey Bacon Club” is a true-to-form classic, made with avocado, gem lettuce, green tomato, aioli and whole wheat bread, while the “Overstuffed French Dip” is just that--overstuffed, and dripping with goodness. It’s served au jus with smoked gouda and giardiniera on a toasted baguette.

In the large plates section, try the “Petite Filet” served with gorgonzola-stuffed vine ripened tomatoes (which calls for a wow) and fine herbs. No matter what else you choose from the menu, throw in an order of the “Elote-Style Cream Corn.” It’s made with chili aioli, lime and cilantro, and is creamy goodness worth every bite, even if it doesn’t sound like it “goes with” what you’re having. You can thank me later!

20 East also serves breakfast Monday through Friday and brunch Saturday and Sunday. Highlights from the morning menus include a “Green Smoothie Bowl” (completely Instagrammable), “Avocado Toast” (same), and delicious “Scramble Farm Eggs” made with creme fraiche, avocado, chives and Texas toast.

On the “All Day” menu, find classic cocktails like Aperol Spritz, French 75, Pimm’s Cup and Moscow Mule. To sample great regional beers, check out the midwest breweries on the menu like Bell’s, Half Acre, and Founder’s.

In the summer and fall, sit outside on the sidewalk patio for city views and fresh flowers or take your business inside to one of the private meeting spaces. The McRae room is located on the second floor and can accommodate up to 50 guests. The Reed room, located on the lobby floor, has a warm welcoming atmosphere and can accommodate up to 75 guests. White walls and gray carpeting are beautiful and lend well to any color or decorating scheme, whether a milestone celebration, wedding reception or a business board meeting.

The Talbott has established itself as a popular gathering place for neighboring residents and other businesses. The Talbott frequently hosts receptions in its restaurant and on its patio to graciously welcome locals into its fabulously warm and friendly “home.” 20 East’s restaurant and patio, with a combined seating capacity of 200, can also be blocked and booked for wedding and other receptions.

No matter your detailed agenda, at the end of your day head back up to your room. Put on your robe and enjoy your calming oasis. When you think of it, peek out your window for a street view of this beautiful Gold Coast neighborhood. It will remind you of the joy of life -- “Joie de Vivre”!

Event Capacity

McRae Room: 50

The Reed Room: 75

Want to learn even more about what The Talbott Hotel has to offer? Go visit them.

Want to learn even more about what Joie de Vivre has to offer? Go visit them.

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