Feb. 6, 2017

V/S & Vibrant Space Consulting

Vibrant Space

Vibrant Space is a company dedicated to finding, documenting, and promoting on our website and social media, unique venues and beautiful hotels across the country that we believe are the best representation--the epitome of VIBRANT SPACE. We are most interested in documenting venues and hotels (with event space), that have on-site capability for catering receptions.

A snippet of our history is that we have owned and operated our own reception venue, Tuscan Hill LLC, for the past eight years. Having built our event venue business from the ground up, we simply fell in love with all things Space and Taste. That love led us to create Vibrant Space (VS) and Vibrant Space Consulting (VSC). And now, we tirelessly pursue finding the best in Space (and Taste) from boutique hotels to large hotel brands (and their restaurants). See links below.

On our website and social media, we emphasize only the "good stuff" about a property. We believe there is enough negativity in the world, and that a good portion of the negativity expressed on review systems is exaggerated. We take great care hand selecting the venues, hotel properties, and small collections of boutique hotels we visit so that we know ahead of time there will be plenty of “positive” to report! We carefully study and review each property prior to our personal visit and have developed a rigorous and diligent process in preparation of our story writing. It generally takes us 2-3 nights of being on site to fully immerse in the experience of the hotel, the restaurants, the services and amenities, to interview and to photograph, so that we walk away with an attractive description.  

In order to do our job successfully, we request the following for the days we are on location:

A tour of the property, including event spaces

Access to every area for which coverage is desired

An interview with senior staff 

member(s) who:

Hotel accommodation (or media rate) for 2-3 nights (depending on property size)

We will complete our work within 2-3 weeks and will provide you with all of the links for your use.  

If you have questions or would like us to write a story about your business, please request through the Contact Us tab. We will respond within 48 hours to answer your questions.

Vibrant Space Consulting

Are you a great hotel or venue, restaurant or catering company, but are always looking for ways to improve? Are you wanting to be numbered among the best and greatest? Let Vibrant Space Consulting help you achieve “Best in Class” status.

Having created hospitality businesses from scratch, we have a depth of understanding of both the industry and the level of excellence businesses must attain in order to compete. We have visited hundreds of properties over the last decade as the “Guest”, usually for business, but always combined with leisure. We have cultivated a very unique vantage point that has afforded us extensive experience in evaluating space and taste from a “guest experience” perspective, as well as from a business perspective. It is from that vantage point and depth of understanding that we are able to help businesses move from good to great!

As described in the VS section, we are typically on location for 2-3 nights to "live" in the space and to soak in the experience so that we can determine the perspectives from which we will write our stories. As part of that discovery and deliberation, we thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of each property. The stories we write describe the positive aspects of each property. The stories generate wonderful publicity for the businesses we cover. 

But what we realized long ago was that our thorough analysis could be used for much more than just chronicling great vibrant spaces and telling their stories. We can bring a wealth of value to the business by sharing our FULL findings confidentially with management.

A published story can’t begin to cover ALL the positives. However, our complete analysis does! Our full formalized report provides management with the entire list of positives AND also covers everything we are NOT going to publish in a VS story. We help businesses identify what’s working really well and accentuate those “positives,” while pinpointing and addressing their “not-so-positives.” Many times all it takes for a business to stand out among the competition is one dedicated leader in the business who wants an objective, experienced, thoughtful evaluation, for the sole purpose of making that service or product excel!

We find that doing the analysis work over a few days helps us identify and recognize the intermittent “off-day” versus consistent patterns. We also have found that doing the analysis work as a team brings strength to the project. We typically bring 1-2 staff members with us. In order to remain objective, we do not discuss among ourselves until we have each completed our work. We work independently, quietly, and in a sense, "undercover," so that not even your employees know who we are. Within three weeks of our visit, these findings are thoroughly analyzed, compiled, formalized and delivered confidentially to you or your designated key contact. For our consulting work, we charge a per site fee and hotel expense reimbursement for the areas of study for which you are most interested.

We love what we do! If investing in your business in this way makes sense, let us help you become your very best!! To enlist our help or to view a sample of our "Guest Experience" Vibrant Space Consulting analysis, please request through the  Contact Us tab. We will respond to your questions within 48 hours.

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