April 12, 2017

Spring & Summer Menu, The Order, Springfield, Mo

This Springfield Missouri chic hotspot has launched its brand new spring and summer menu, and, as is usual for Executive Chef Zach White, it’s completely defying the norm. You'll want to finish each and every dish down to the ceramic.

Is there anything Hotel Vandivort and The Order can’t do? This Springfield Missouri chic hotspot has launched its brand new spring and summer menu, and, as is usual for Executive Chef Zach White, it’s completely defying the norm. You'll want to finish each and every dish down to the ceramic. Let’s take a look.

Two salads, or as the culinary team has them titled--“shrubbery,” are new to the menu. Have you ever tried a dish and thought “I think I can taste the actual colors”? No? We’re crazy? Order the “Berries and Greens” and you’ll see what we mean. This salad is packed with bright flavors (and colors). Mixed greens are topped with seasonal berries and poached cherries, and then balanced by Roquefort and spiced pecans, with one last kiss on top from the hazelnut vinaigrette.

The “Herb-an Greens” is also bright, but in a spring green way. This salad is the perfect representation of how well herbs can work together. Mizuna, pea shoots, parsley, basil, shaved asparagus and mint are tossed together with quinoa, Terrell Creek fetain and topped with cucumber slices soaked in a lemon-tarragon vinaigrette. You can actually feel the health in each bite; fresh, like basking in the sun on a pleasantly warm spring day.

Before we move onto a couple of the new entrees, let’s pause and grab a drink. Dylan Fox, lead bartender at The Order, is about to surprise you.

First off, let’s look at “Life of a Sage.” Soju--a Korean sake--is infused with oyster mushrooms and then assembled with sage simple syrup, Amontillado sherry and Fino sherry. The result is stout but mellow. The mushroom easily marries the sage, and the sherry comes through with a kind little tap, not a punch. The combination creates a kind of relaxed drink that’s a novelty in the craft cocktail world.

Next, let’s look at “Spring in Berlin.” When describing the cocktail, Fox explained that this one is like an old college friend that’s now all grown up. Looking almost like a beautiful amber beer (minus the carbonation), we were intrigued. Upon the first sip, a botanical melody came through. Yet instead of a brightness, there was a depth. It was strong and finished with both a hint of sweet and a lingering heat from spice. It was a curious combination, and begged for another sip, which opened up even more of the layering within the cocktail. The contents were then revealed as being Jagermeister, Cimmaron reposado tequila, jalapeno simple syrup and fresh pineapple juice. Fox explained that Jagermeister is actually comprised of 56 botanicals and, when paired correctly, is quite delicious. We audibly “ahh-ed” and took our third sip. This time the Jager came through, but subdued by the nice char of tequila. The jalapeno actually gave the drink the perfect balance. Had it not been there, the drink wouldn’t have been rounded in such a perfect way. The pineapple--always friends with tequila and jalapeno--finished the drink off with the perfect sweet note.

Next, the “Tamarindo del Fuego” is a mezcal cocktail constructed with Nuestra soledad mezcal, ancho reyes, lemon juice and tamarind syrup. Mezcal is like the rich and elegant cousin of tequila, and when paired correctly, she really shines. The drink itself has a bit of heat from the ancho reyes, but the kicker is the cinnamon and cayenne rim that’s added to your glass. If you enjoy cinnamon and spice, this one’s for you.

Last in the cocktail section is the “Peanut Colada.” This one blew me away. Fox says that he uses a fat-washing process to add peanut butter and banana into El Dorado 12 year rum. Next, a coconut-banana syrup is added, along with pineapple, lime and tiki bitters. Does it sound odd but curiously delicious? You’ve got it. Order one and tell me how fast it’s gone.

Now that you’ve selected a drink, let’s move to the entrees.

The “Diver Scallop” can be served as an appetizer or an entree but we recommend ordering it as an entree so that you get even more goodness. The seared U8 diver scallops’ fortified walls are surrounded by chevre creamed corn, braised pork cheek, smoked tomato sauce and a balsamic-fig reduction. The seared scallop along with the braised pork cheek, work in tandem to create a savory flow. The chevre creamed corn balances the smoked tomato sauce and the balsamic-fig reduction gives a final twang of sweet to the dish; every note in harmony.

The filet, or “Little Cow,” is an eight ounce Prime Grade filet that you can cut with a fork. It was beautifully prepared and paired with truffled dauphinoise potatoes, Willow Mountain mushrooms and asparagus, and topped with a cabernet reduction and parsley oil.

“The Pig” is a Circle B Ranch double-cut pork chop. Grilled to medium, it’s served with a carrot puree, roasted brussels sprouts and brown sugar-horseradish glaze. It’s huge, and is perfectly cooked, as medium gives it the moist delicacy that is often lacking in pork dishes.

Finally, the “Hurts Donut Bread Pudding.” This sweet dessert is prepared with Hurts yeast donuts, but without the usual glaze. Chef White then makes a bread pudding with them and tops the pudding with Askinosie Chocolate ganache and salted caramel. The beautiful yeast flavor comes through, while the chocolate ganache is true chocolate; thick and rich. The salted caramel balances the chocolate with its delicate salty, deep profile, making the whole dish an indulgent treat. One you’ll no doubt crave again.

Head into The Order to try every one of these dishes and drinks. Yes, you can do it! Just take a group and share everything. Your friends at The Order won’t disappoint.

Have they ever? Cheers!

Want to learn even more about what The Order has to offer? Go visit them.

Want to learn even more about what Hotel Vandivort has to offer? Go visit them.

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