Nov. 11, 2016

The Adventure Begins, Part 9 of 13

I like to talk.

Not all the time, and not without others getting a word in edgewise, but I’d rather have conversation than be silent in most cases. My mother obviously knew this, and from year one, she positioned me on the front line of battle. On event day that was in the central hub of the house--the kitchen. But I was also put on the front line of battle for every wedding trade show and venue open house. At trade shows I was responsible for speaking with every bride or mom who took notice of our booth. During open houses I was positioned at the front door to greet people as they arrived.

After about three years of hosting weddings and receptions, bridal and baby showers, graduation and retirement parties, fundraising events, holding open houses and exhibiting at trade shows, we were really moving along quite well. By then, we had practiced our vision and mission for hospitality on several thousand guests. Every policy and procedure was in place. We had a solid track record with our clients. And I had had plenty of time to mature in character and demonstrate that maturity through my increased responsibilities.

We had hit our stride.
So, my mom decided to tackle something new. She had been feeling like there was an unmet need among our bridal clients.

So, my mom decided to tackle something new. She had been feeling like there was an unmet need among our bridal clients. To put this “need” simply, brides had questions we couldn’t answer. From day one, brides would ask us what other vendors should they use for their wedding day. For the first three years I was MIA on caring about subjects like this, and my mother gave no opinions since it took a while to meet every other vendor (though eventually we did). But in the beginning of our fourth season, we had answers to those questions.

We selected those vendors we considered to be among the best in Springfield, MO for ten different categories: catering, linens, floral, cakes, photography, videography, dj, lodging, valet service and wedding coordinating service. Every vendor we asked said “yes,” and we were off. And so the business concept of “Vendor Partnerships” was born, and I took on a new role as “Vendor Coordinator.”

More significantly, we had reached a whole new level of trust between us.

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